Events Management & Organising

Welcome to the future of event planning! Nu-Breed Entertainment brings to the Swazi nation a new breath of air in the event planning market. With great attention to detail, NU-BREED oversees events from inception to completion. We can manage every aspect of an event, including concept, creative, design, direction, artist booking, contract negotiation, strategic marketing/publicity, onsite and supplier management, budget management, sponsorship co-ordination and event delivery.

Concept Development

Working with clients to understand their objectives, NU-BREED is passionate about developing high quality events. We can develop an event from the initial thought to the reality and manage the brand continuity and direction.

Creative Direction

Not only do we manage events, we also produce and develop the creative direction of the event/show and manage the creative process prior to and on site through stage and production management. With this service we assist you to plan, manage your budget and co-ordinate all your special events. These include:

• Product/service launch
• Trade promotions
• Road shows
• Parties
• Team building, retreats
• Meetings
• Community Dialogues
• Weddings and receptions
• Nightclub event

and any other event that needs planning. Our team will take care of all the hassles of your event while you relax and make sure that whatever they do is for the best. The fast pace of the world we live in leaves little time for extra things we would like to do, like plan events, parties, and social get-together. Nu-Breed Entertainment fills the need by being available to take on the burden of planning so that people can spend time on more important things, like family and friends.