Nu-Breed Entertainment's core business is to provide affordable entertainment based and hire services to companies and the nation at large. Our business model is based on the network of professional individuals who are always striving to produce and deliver the best services to our clients. In the past 5 years of operation the company has been privileged to be involved, manage and or organise amongst other events the following events for many organizations:


We have experience in community based programs as we have worked with Aids Healthcare Foundation (A.H.F) and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) under the FAST TRACK program (2011 - 2014) in mobilizing people in the rural areas through sports and games to get tested for HIV, treatment literacy and condom distribution. We are currently engaged in long term contractual agreement with Umhlambanyatsi Bar in Matsapha to manage entertainment at the establishment. We host club nights every weekend with our renowned DJs.


Entertainment plays a very huge role in bringing people together with music accompanied by live presentation. People concentrate whilst at the same time enjoy the information they receive about the whole event and the subject being put forth. This is the model that has been proven to work all over the world especially when you are dealing with low and middle aged people which influence changes in policy and social practices in the communities irrespective of family, community, cultural or religious barriers. It is through this strategy that information is easily spread amongst people in the marginalized communities and the general population

With its brand name as an emerging, preferred service provider, NU-BREED ENTERTAINMENT is in a position to deliver the service aligned with the expectations of many clients and establishments, and create an everlasting footprint in all events and projects we are involved in.

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